Modular Blockchain powered by AI

Cybria is a modular blockchain with AI for efficiency, transparency, and security.
Designed to address the limitations by providing a scalable, secure, and efficient Layer 2 solution.


Cybria Chain

CybriaChain Mainnet is an EVM-equivalent Layer 2 blockchain connected to Ethereum. CybriaChain is standardized and shared, forming a network of OP Stack chains that share a bridging protocol, governance system, and more.

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AI Integration

Cybria has successfully combined Blockchain and AI to become a powerful and transformative force.

More transparency and auditability, reduced reliance on middlemen, enabling secure transactions, and facilitating efficient supply chain management.

With Cybria, improve and secure the sharing and handling of your data.

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Core features that make it valuable

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    Enhanced Data Management

    Cybria uses AI technology to simplify the data management process on the blockchain and reduce complexity.

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    Cybria uses advanced decentralized learning systems and new data sharing techniques to improve efficiency and make Cybria Chain work more effectively and optimally.

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    Enhanced Transactions Efficiency

    Cybria uses AI technology to improve the efficiency of each transaction on the mainnet. AI technology on Cybria Chain can help determine which Node is most likely to complete a task first.

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    Cybria uses AI technology features such as natural language processing and real-time data transformation to enhance security and optimize transactions.

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Cyba's Ecosystem

  • Staking

    Up to 5 Days lock period

    Stake your Cyba Coin and earn passive income with 10% APY.

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  • Bridge

    Quick and low gas fees

    Cybria Bridge enables back-and-forth transfers between Ethereum and Cybria.

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  • Dex

    Easy Trade and easy interface.

    CybaSwap allows user to provide liquidity and swap different tokens.

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Meet our partners

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  • When did this project launch?


    In August 2023, a groundbreaking milestone reverberated through the tech world as Cybria, a revolutionary decentralized virtual reality platform, made its debut on the Ethereum Network. As the brainchild of a visionary team of developers, Cybria epitomized the convergence of blockchain technology and immersive virtual experiences, offering users a gateway to an unparalleled realm of possibilities.

  • How to get Cybria Coin?         


    Decentralized Exchange & Digital Wallet:
    Cybria Chain is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens supports Cybria Chain - including , wallet, etc. Set up a new ERC-20 compatible digital wallet or use your existing one. Once the wallet is open, access the wallet's dApp browser then head to . Copy and paste Cybria Chain's smart contract address (0x1063181dc986f76f7ea2dd109e16fc596d0f522a) and enter the number of Cybria Chain tokens you want to buy.
    ● Buy Cybria on Uniswap (
    ● Buy Cybria on CybaSwap (

    Centralized Exchanges:
    ● Cybria Chain is currently listed on Bitmart(Buy on Bitmart). Additionally, the Cybria Chain is integrated into Bitmart with an option to deposit and withdraw Cybria to and from Bitmart via the Ethereum network.

  • Who are The Cybria team?    


    The team behind Cybria is a talented and dedicated group of individuals, bringing together diverse expertise and visions to realize their revolutionary vision. Here's a brief overview of some key figures in the team:
    Hector, Caleb, Jason, Satsuki.